Carbon Capture Scotland

August 2021

Growth capital to fund the purchase of equipment and finalise the works of a leading manufacturer of dry ice products including pellets and slices.

Trevally Capital Ltd is pleased to announce its full exit of its financing of Carbon Capture Scotland Limited (formerly called Dry Ice Scotland Limited), a leading manufacturer of dry ice products.

Trevally Capital Ltd provided a total of £3,261,000 of growth capital across two tranches, the first being in September 2021, to fund the purchase of equipment to finalise the establishment of Carbon Capture Scotland’s production site at Crofthead, near Dumfries. The site, located next to an anaerobic digestion plant, takes the waste CO2 by-product to produce liquid CO2 which is compressed into dry ice products. Carbon Capture Scotland has become one of the top 2 UK producers of dry ice producing 6,000 tonnes of dry ice pellets and slices per annum. The production process is carbon negative and sets high environmental standards in the manufacture of dry ice.

Dry ice has a wide variety of uses and applications, including airline catering, dry ice blasting, freeze drying, sample/vaccine distribution within the pharmaceutical sector and storage and transportation.